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The priority activities of the company HALZ ZIMMIOS is working with investment projects in luxury real estate market in Italy, Spain and other, construction, sales and management of facilities, both commercial and noncommercial real estate (apartments, penthouses, villas, houses, villas, hotels, land for construction, including the existing commercial businesses objects, etc.)..The HALZ ZIMMIOS company is not intermediary broker.

Our company provides specialized services and provide advice on issues related to buying overseas luxury property. Whatever type of property you may wish, we can give you advice, to dispel all your doubts with the purchase. In addition to consulting, we also organize the whole cycle of investment and corporate luxury services, that is, starting from the bottom and register your company, the acquisition of commercial or noncommercial property, until the timely implementation of fiscal accountability, audit, consulting, asset management package for your business and even legal receiving the respective rights of the place of residence (the residence).

The cooperation between the various construction, legal, audit consulting, investment, financial services and so on companies means that HALZ ZIMMIOS offers you interesting investment projects, more than 1,000 properties and integral service, a variety of proposals for the classes and types, location of objects with a wide price range. The scope of offerings and services of the HALZ ZIMMIOS company also covers secondary market, and a personal selection services of residential real estate on your request.