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A wide selection of new and resale property abroad is a guarantee that we will find the option for you, perfectly suited to your requirements. The list includes: studio apartments, apartments, townhouses, villas, land, property on the coast, hotels, beach chalets, town and country real estate and more.
The HALZ ZIMMIOS company promotes exceptional living environments tailored to the individual needs of each customer. We believe that a property is an important reflection of its owner, and that a wonderful home contributes significantly to one’s quality of life.We believe that property search will move entirely online in few years and that the prime property market will be increasingly international as globalization gains pace, while global wealth will be spread among a far wider selection of countries than has historically been the case.A construction services upon request of villas means that the company is to design and build your dream house based on your individual preferences.The successful development of any business idea depends on the correct task.
The  HALZ ZIMMIOS company offers a complete solution for any kind of business from a small firm or a sole trader to a large holding company or corporation.
The main principle of our company is accompanied by investment programs at all stages of its implementation from its "birth" to the sale of the last square meter with "turn-key".