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This sector of our team is dedicated to enhancing and expanding market access, increasing its exports, perform strategic research and analysis in order to develop sector specific strategies. We provide matching partnership private investment funding and analyze trade data and also economic policy to support trade negotiations that will improve market access for goods and service private providers.



As the current economic indicators are still turned to negative; the same economic indicators show that the demand for energy out of natural resources will continue to increase and are expected to remain the leading energy resources for the years to come. Innovation and cooperation will become key elements and will lead to restructuring opportunities and an enlarged request for new (tax driven) investment structures. By working close together with our clients tax and legal advisors, we can take away the administrative hurdle to set up and maintain these structures.
Our group team collaborate across jurisdictions to provide our clients with the highest quality services, with strong local knowledge, industry links and a thorough understanding of sector issues and trends.


We consider that the performance of an industry or firm is measured by profitability. Profit is the difference between revenue and cost, and revenue is determined by price. Thus performance can be influenced through changing costs or prices. Profitability can also be affected by a firm’s agility (i.e. ability to adjust to things like changes in market demand). Research and development, and availability of capitol and resources are factors that greatly influence whether or not a firm is agile.

Over the last years oil and gas companies have been faced with new technology, outsourcing needs, new partnerships, and government regulations. These developments will continue in the years to come and will lead to an urge for capacity management over special purpose vehicles, effective reporting and a cost effective corporate housekeeping.

 We can elaborate and offer one of the most convenient manufacture or industry development program for any kind of investment projects and so on.


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