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Dear guests!

Let me express my sincere respect and thank you for visiting our website of the investment company

The HALZ ZIMMIOS company started with the sale of residential property in Spain in the south-east coast of the Costa Blanca, also in Cyprus, Côte d'Azur in France, and Italy's Adriatic Coast.

HALZ ZIMMIOS company offers luxury and prestigious properties. We have the exclusive right on many properties and this allows us to have a complete catalogue with all the building typologies from the villa with panoramic view on the lake or on the sea, until the apartment in the historic centre of an art city, from the exclusive chalet with view on the ski runs until the farmhouse with pool in the country. Moreover we deal also other important accommodation facilities like charming hotels in the most important european cities.

Added to this is the important mission to spread excellence and “
Italian quality of live – La Dolce Vita” all around the world. The HALZ ZIMMIOS corporate philosophy key word is "quality of life": one of the most important values we have and for which everyone works very day. This idea is combined with the entrepreneurial and innovative capacity of our country, made of excellence, creativity and often, leadership achieved. It is precisely because we believe in this principle that we devote all our energies and resources to best satisfy our customers. 

In addition to sales and luxury real estate full package services, we also organize business and luxury travel and expensive services of your private and most intimate capricious desires. (See more..)

We can make a reality of buying a luxury home of your dreams, in happy and memorable event, but if you want to do business in Europe, we are glad to assist you in realizing your desires.

We hope to see You among our friends and look forward to your success!


4f25bd509866d.gifGARRI H. DERDZYAN

                                                                                                                                                               Executive Director

                                                                                                                                                                            HALZ ZIMMIOS